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Aromatherapy Basic Concepts

This website is designed as a foundational tool - a great place to visit, learn and be empowered by what’s possible; what we can do for ourselves – our mind, body and spirit.

The ideas, concepts, and tools here are all about “Empowerment” with an emphasis on healing ourselves outside of the standard paradigm of Hope or Hopefulness. It’s access to a new realm of living… a realm of “Empowerment: Living Life Beyond Hope.”

Moving thru the various pages of this site, you’ll notice that besides providing basic information about aromatherapy, the underlying message (if there is one or you’re looking for one) is empowerment and encouraging you to take ACTION now in areas of life that are important to you.

You may be asking, “What does Aromatherapy and ‘Empowerment: Living Life Beyond Hope’ have to do with each other?”

When we empower ourselves, we know that we are taking action in a direction that supports what we are willing to achieve in our lives including our well-being. Through the use of Essential Oils, you’ll find out how you can empower yourself and take action in the area of your health: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You will rearrange your thoughts and actions to think and act beyond HOPING that: your medicine is working properly; your next set of medical tests will turn out okay; tomorrow will be a better day for you. By using Essential Oils, you’ll be in action in the area of your health which is beyond your ordinary way of being – being hopeful or hopefulness.

Click on the various Aromatherapy Pages and learn more about the basics of Aromatherapy and about “The ABCs of Aromatherapy” workshops. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase the audio compact disc workshop version and find out where you can register for the 3-hour live aromatherapy workshops. Both the audio CD and live workshops are designed to provide the novice/beginner with the basics of aromatherapy – What it is; How it works, and How aromatherapy can be incorporated into daily life.

Click on About Christine and you’ll be introduced to Christine Kontos: her background, inspiration, and passion.

Ready, set, take ACTION now…and click to the next page!